UK Trailer Parts can offer you all types of specialist webbing, we are suppliers of finished webbing for many different market sectors throughout the UK.

Polypropylene Webbing

We stock a range of standard polypropylene webbing, available in several widths and colours. This type of webbing is ideal for basic industrial and commercial uses.
Polypropylene offers "good" all round physical and chemical performances and is very competitively priced. 

Polypropylene webbing can be found on: rucksacks, basic retaining straps, bag handles, etc...

Polyester Webbing

As UK Trailer Parts manufactures all types of load restraint equipment  we only use the best polyester webbing available which has been rated and conforms to European standards.

Our Polyester Webbing is designed for use in: automotive, aviation, temporary barriers, children safety, work safety (harnesses, lifelines, energy absorbers etc.), lashing (ratchets), reusable slings, nautical, awnings, medical use, orthopedics (lifting patients), stretchers, belts

PVC Coated Weldable Webbing

Our PVC coated webbing is suitable for high-frequency or hot air welding. We have been using this product for years in all sorts of applications but mainly the manufacture of lorry curtains.

Industry sectors using our PVC coated weldable webbing include: curtainsider trucks, signage, banners and building wraps, biogas and general agricultural covers, tensile structures, marquees, tents and big tops, swimming pool covers, oil retention inflatable booms.

Made-Up Units and Sewn Strap Assemblies

We are able to create a wide range of made-up units, sewn webbing straps and cam buckle straps.  We will develop products from customers' drawings and recommend the most suitable webbing from our Cotton, Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon ranges.

Please contact us with details of your requirements. We will be happy to make recommendations and offer advice. If you are looking for a made-up webbing assembly, we will work with you to develop your product and provide a complete solution.


Suitable for high-frequency or hot air welding on Pvc Coated material. Colours available are Black, Grey and White.

Industry sectors using our PVC coated weldable webbing:

  • Curtainsider trucks
  • Signage, banners and building wraps
  • Architectural structures
  • Sun awnings
  • Biogas and general agricultural covers
  • Tents and Marquees
  • Swimming pool covers


  • Our 1300 Kg and 2400 Kg webbings meet the strength requirements of EN 12641-2:2006 and have been externally tested by DEKRA
  • Our polyester yarn is quality-assured high tenacity
  • We produce our own first quality substrate prior to coating. We never use "seconds”, such as second quality seat belt webbing.
  • Our innovative "loop” webbings are the subject of a patent application


Polypropylene is available in a range of colours and is excellent for producing webbing with coloured stripes. It is highly resistant to chemicals and is a very popular fibre.

  • Polypropylene is relatively inexpensive but has excellent properties.
  • High tenacity strength is available (Up to 7g/den).
  • Elongation - up to 25% at break point.
  • Abrasion - polypropylene has good resistance to abrasion.
  • Moisture - polypropylene is not affected by moisture. It is lighter than water and will float.
  • Temperature - the melting point is 160°C. It is not really suitable for high temperature applications. Low temperature resistance is very good maintaining strength and flexibility down to -70°C.
  • It is difficult to ignite and burns quite slowly. We are able to offer a flame-retardant version which is fully durable.
  • Polypropylene is inert to most common chemicals. This make is very suitable for chemical resistance applications.

Polyester is a versatile fibre, which has excellent properties for automotive webbing and binding and medical webbing requirements uses as well as many other applications.

  • Polyester Is Polyethylene Terephalate
  • Very high strength tenacity (Up to 10g/den)
  • Elongation - up to 25% at break.
  • Abrasion: excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Moisture: has a very low regain of 0.4% making it feel damp very quickly.
  • Temperature - the melting point is around 260°C and will withstand temperatures above 180°C for some time. It will lose some strength if kept at high temperature for extended periods. Polyester is very good in low temperatures increasing in strength and reducing elongation.
  • Polyester webbing is difficult to ignite and tightly woven structures do not burn quickly.
  • Polyester has excellent resistance to sunlight (one of the best for outdoor use).
  • Polyester is resistant to most common chemicals.
  • It can be dyed to most shades and has some of the best colour fastness properties.