Panama PVC Colour Swatches

At UK Trailer Parts we able to produce and supply PVC coated fabrics to our manufacturing clients. Our expertise in this field combined with the quality materials we use ensures customer satisfaction.

Our PVC is available to order by linear meter or by the roll and we offer a wide range of colours to suit most customer needs.

Our packaging and choice of transporters are tailored to meet particular market requirements. We also offer a slitting service, saving our customers precious manufacturing time. 

Communication with our customers is important in helping us to understand and meet their needs. Therefore, regular and direct contact with our customers is a high priority for us. We are also available to respond to any special requirements that you may have.

Truck Red

Truck Red (PAN/D7446)


White (PAN/D7455)


Cream (PAN/D7458)

Light Grey

Light Grey (PAN/D7459)


Silver (PAN/D7300)

Silver Grey

Silver Grey (PAN/D939)

Dark Grey

Dark Grey (PAN/D7196)

Jasmine Yellow

Jasmine Yellow (PAN/D7440)


Yellow (PAN/7456)

Ice Blue

Ice Blue (PAN/D7449)

Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue (PAN/D7450)

Mid Blue

Mid Blue (PAN/D7307)

Ultra Blue

Ultra Blue (PAN/D941)

Oxford Blue

Oxford Blue (PAN/D7448)

Int. Orange

Int. Orange (PAN/7444)

Flame Red

Flame Red (PAN/D7447)

Cherry Red

Cherry Red (PAN/D7446)

Brilliant Green

Brilliant Green (PAN/D7452)

Bottle Green

Bottle Green (PAN/D7451)

Brunswick Green

Brunswick Green (PAN/D995)

Deep Blue

Deep Blue (PAN/D7309)


Black (PAN/D810)