Graphics & Digital Printing

Companies are always striving for ways to effectively advertise their business/services, without breaking the annual budget. What better way to put your brand out there for thousands to see than the moving billboard, your trucks!

The potential audience of truck curtain advertising is very high and great value when compared to static billboard advertising. The cost of a single static billboard for one month is roughly 3 times the cost for a set of graphically detailed truck curtains that could last for many years.

Not only will the curtains be functional, but they are mobile too, drastically increasing the potential audience for your advertising.

Some companies choose to advertise their own brand or products, however others choose to display other market leading brands along with their own company details.

UK Trailer Parts supplies truck curtains to many transport companies who are happy to have other organisations advertise on their curtains. For the cost of the image we can arrange to have your brand traveling around, increasing awareness, exposure and customer recall.

The ability to digitally print onto trailer curtains provides free canvas without artistic limitations; an unlimited colour range and the ability to reproduce photos can be used in the design, Our digital images are printed via 6 colour process, in high resolution, providing excellent clarity. The printing process is followed by the application of a UV protective clear coat, providing extra durability and protection against road dirt and grime.

UK Trailer Parts can liaise with your graphic design team, providing artwork planners and offering technical support. Alternatively we have a team of graphic designers who can provide a full design service to turn your ideas into images.

We can also offer Curtains are painted in specially formulated flexible paint, this provides extra durability and protection to the curtains. Corporate graphics and their details can be painted into the curtains and still is a cost effective option for simple designs.