Cam Buckles

25mm 250kg, Cam Buckles

Die Cast Cam Buckle 25mm 250Kgs. This is our smallest cam buckle and used in lightweight applications. For heavier applications the CB2504 cam buckle can be used.

35mm 600kg, Cam Buckles

Die Cast Cam Buckle 35mm 600Kgs.The CB3506 Cam Buckle is used in our range of 35mm Cam Buckle Straps. This buckle uses our popular range of 35mm 3000Kgs webbings.

50mm 1400kg, Cam Buckles

Die cast 50mm 1400Kgs Cam Buckle with steel base and aluminium insert. used in conjuction with our range of 50mm 3000Kgs webbings.